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Splash MarketingHow do you Debut your Brand.

The platform that you debut your brand on makes a difference. I put out a lot of long form video, so would Instagram be the platform I debut on?  No, because Instagram only hosts 1 minute videos and it is not easy to click off the site to related stories.  Hmmm? Let me think.

Okay. Are you heavily invested in social media?  Do you have a substantial following on a particular social media platform?

I see social media as a secondary destination when it comes to brand building.  Yes, you can scoop free fish right out of the water.  If, and it’s a very big “if”, you put in the time and effort to grow a following.  So it’s not really free.  It costs attention.

Instead of giving my attention to social media as a primary concern I always focus the attention on developing my own presentation platforms.  It really makes it easier to funnel visitors on to my sites and into the sales cycle.  I never have to refer my customers outside of my real estate for video, audio or forms. New content is uploaded only to my websites and the feed from my sites are then propagated to my top 4 social media sites, captioned, with an image and tagged.  Social media is a secondary signal to the search engines.  I want Google to get the ping from my site first, then get the secondary pings from social media second.  I will very rarely upload any content to a social media site because I want the reader to click through the link and explore everything that my site has to offer.  I don’t want them to consume my content and just continue scrolling down their timeline.

Once they are on my site a retargeting pixel fires from Google or Facebook and they are added to a social media advertising campaign so they will start to see my ads on their social media sites.  If they like the content they will remember my site, my store, my domain name, not my Youtube or my Instagram.  Think about this.  If Nicki Minaj’s website got as many hits as her Twitter & Instagram everyday, how many more records would she sell?  It’s prime example of under developed digital real estate.

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