Update: UIX Blockchain, UIXchange & the UIX Network are Live!


I know I haven’t been here in while. Okay, a whole year but if you follow me on UIXnetwork.com you know I have been busy.

Here is the update on our progress.

  • We launched the UIX coin cryptocurrency. It’s a bitcoin clone. A clone means that it starts from block number 1.  It is sha256 and minable on your home computer.
  • We updated the Team UserInterface site to add a rewards program (PTC), profiles, timelines, and a few other features.
  • We did the Initial coin offering for UIX (https://profitshare.club)
  • We built a multicurrency exchange to make it easy to buy and sell UIX.
  • We built a self-service advertising platform (pay to click) where you can place your ads and directly pay the viewers.

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